Tips to restore damaged relationships post recovery from addiction

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Tips to restore damaged relationships post recovery from addiction

Tips to restore damaged relationships post recovery from addiction

Making a resolve to lead an addiction-free life is a commendable decision in itself. During the recovery phase, a person experiences a gamut of emotions which could be of pain, sorrow and regret, stemming from extreme withdrawal symptoms, the absence of the loved ones, and realization of the impact of addiction on all areas of one’s life, especially relationships. This is because addiction causes a lot of distress, trust issues, violence, abuse, financial problems, etc., which can ultimately damage the bond shared between loved ones. Even after having recovered, many people find it difficult to renew their relationship with their partner who had been a drug addict for a long time.

But, before giving up on the person, who is now walking the path of recovery, one must look for strategies to renew the bond and get back to a normal life. Here are some tips to rebuild the equation with the partner who is just out of a rehab:

Giving a fresh start: When a relationship starts, there is a lot of euphoria and excitement. Now that one’s partner is out of recovery, he or she is also a new individual. Therefore, it is best to start all over again. One must try to recall all the good qualities their partner had at the time of falling in love or before the addiction took over.

While it is true that the person with whom one fell in love can never return, so are the chances of addiction never coming back in one’s life especially if the relationship is nurtured with care and love.

Developing intimacy: Since the foundation of a relationship can be severely damaged by addiction, one must accept that both the partners need to give time to the relationship again.

Providing ample reassurance: The partner who has just returned from rehab can feel very insecure, vulnerable, guilty and deprived. Along with the relationship, he or she needs to work on so many other areas of life such as career, insurance, physical health, etc., to name a few. Therefore, the person must be told that the family, especially the partner, is really proud of him or her, for having chosen the path of sobriety and that one is not alone.

Being patient: Rebuilding a relationship with a partner who is just out of rehab might get very exhausting. There might be days when one feels hopeless and dejected if the partner is making a slow progress to adapt to the new life. In such cases, one must practice patience and forgiveness. One must accept that the phase of recovery may be long and it may demand a lot of tolerance.

Seeking support: Even after trying hard to work on the relationship, things might not move as planned. In such a scenario, it is best to seek professional support before the equation takes a downward spiral.

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If you or someone close to you is working hard on rebuilding the relationship with a partner who is just out of rehab, and there seems to be no progress, the Arizona Drug Addiction Helpline can assist you in finding the best drug addiction treatment centers in Arizona. You may call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-576-4147 or chat online to learn about the best drug rehabilitation centers in Arizona.

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