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5 most addictive substances that may wreck anyone’s life

Addiction is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to use a substance. Substance addiction is a major public health concern that costs thousands of lives to the United States and inflicts a huge cost on the nation and causes a number of problems – to the addicted individual, his family and community. People suffering from an addiction witness a number of disabilities and impairments that affect their daily functioning. Continue reading

Treating anxiety with benzos may impact recovery from drinking

Anxiety is often a coexisting problem affecting those trying to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. In the absence of the substances, it can become severe and disruptive during the recovery phase. Generally, people initially develop an anxiety disorder and start self-medicating using alcohol and drugs that eventually end up in developing a dual diagnosis or coexisting disorders. Continue reading

Families of drug and alcohol overdose victims do not get emotional support

Everyone who has lost a loved one, deserves some sort of emotional support during the bereavement period. Psychologists argue that caregiving during this period is extremely crucial for facilitating the well-being of the grieving family. As Sigmund Freud explained in his theory of psychoanalysis, if one bottles up their grief or have no one around to share it with, the likelihood of it turning into a self-induced depression is quite high. Unfortunately, while people are more than willing to offer condolence to families who have lost a loved one to natural incidents, there is a clear demarcation in the way they respond to the those who have lost a member to drugs or alcohol.  Continue reading

Personality traits more prone to addiction

One can never determine a person’s proclivity toward illicit substances based on his or her personality. If it would have been easy to determine which personality types were more prone to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then half the problem of the researchers would have been successfully solved. However, with an ever-increasing number of research and studies, it has been possible to identify the indicators that can predict what kind of individuals are more prone to addiction. However, it appears that the answers are still pretty sketchy and not quite so “cut and dried.” Continue reading

A tweak in the brain helps in abstaining cocaine, says study

Cocaine is one of the most abused and powerful stimulant drugs in the United States, with nearly 1.5 million Americans aged 12 or older being under the influence of this drug in 2014. Though there has been a dramatic depreciation in the use of cocaine, it remains a major public health concern in the U.S. In fact, cocaine still drives most of the emergency department (ED) visits in the country today. Known by a host of monikers, like the champagne of drugs, gold dust, Cadillac of drugs, status stimulant, yuppie drug, etc., cocaine is a powerful addictive stimulant drug with meager medical use. Continue reading

Benefits of equine therapy in addiction recovery

Recovery from addiction is often considered a tough path. People undergoing the process experience pain and discomfort; many tend to leave it midway. Researchers and therapists have been exploring innovative techniques to help the patients recover from addiction-related problems in more people-friendly ways. Equine therapy is one such mode of treatment that has gained sufficient ground in recent times. Continue reading